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India Grid Trust has been following robust asset management practices in partnership with our O&M vendors.

The goal is to ensure that our assets operate at maximum possible availability ensuring that consistent and reliable power is available, as and when required, to the community as a whole. Our assets operate overhead high voltage transmission line connecting generating stations in one state to end consumers in different states. The grid stability and consistency is highly contingent on our ability to ensure maximum uptime for our transmission system.

Asset Name Asset Acquisition Month Financial Year – Commercial Availability
(As approved by RPC)
FY 17-18 FY 18-19 FY 19-20
BDTCL June-17 99.88% 99.89% 99.42%*
JTCL June-17 99.73% 99.77% 98.69%*
RTCL Feb-18 99.54% 99.81% 99.88%
PKTCL Feb-18 99.98% 99.88% 99.89%
NRSS-XXIX (NTL) June-19 Under Construction Under Construction 99.53%*
MTL Feb-18 100% 99.95% 99.84%
OGPTL June-19 Under Construction Under Construction 99.91%
PTCL Aug-18 Before acquisition 99.85% 100.00%
ENICL Mar-20 Before acquisition Before acquisition 100.00%

(Note : * - Availability nos for these assets are impacted largely due to force majeure events, which are awaiting RPC approvals)