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*Sterlite Power intends to sell its 15% stake to KKR – post KKR being designated as an additional Sponsor (subject to SEBI approval)

SGL1 = Sterlite Grid 1 Limited, SGL2 = Sterlite Grid 2 Limited , SGL3 = Sterlite Grid 3 Limited, BDTCL = Bhopal Dhule Transmission Company Limited, JTCL = Jabalpur Transmission Company Limited, RTCL = RAPP Transmission Company Limited, PKTCL = Purulia & Kharagpur Transmission Company Limited, M TL = Maheshwaram Transmission Limited, PTCL = Patran Transmission Company Limited, NTL = NRSS XXIX Transmission Limited, OGPTL = Odisha Generation Phase II Transmission Limited


SponsorSterlite Power Grid Ventures Limited (“SPGVL”) is the Sponsor in respect of IndiGrid. It is one of the leading independent power transmission companies operating in the private sector. As of March 31, 2016, our Sponsor owns 10 inter-state power transmission projects with a total network of 29 power transmission lines of approximately 6,767 ckms and seven substations having 12,630 MVA of transformation capacity. Some of these projects have been fully commissioned, while others are at different stages of development. Our Sponsor generated total revenues of Rs. 5.05 billion in fiscal 2016 and had total assets of Rs. 66.27 billion as at March 31, 2016.

Investment Manager

Investment ManagerSterlite Investment Managers Limited is the Investment Manager for IndiGrid and takes decisions concerning the assets of IndiGrid. The Investment Manager has overall responsibility for setting the strategic direction of IndiGrid and deciding on the acquisition, divestment or enhancement of assets of IndiGrid in accordance with its stated investment strategy. An affiliate of our Sponsor, Sterlite Infraventures Limited, will fulfill the role of Investment Manager in respect of IndiGrid.

For details on the Board of Directors & Key Mangement please click the link.