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Parbati Koldam Transmission Company Limited(PrKTCL)

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Parbati-Koldam Transmission Project is an inter-state operational asset situated in Himachal Pradesh and Punjab, and was awarded on a Build, Own, Operate (“BOO”) basis for the transfer of electricity from Parbati II ad Koldam HEPs in Himachal to Ludhiana in Punjab. The Project was awarded as cost plus project with a guaranteed ROE of 15.5% on the approved equity base.PrKTCL is held as a joint venture between IndiGrid (74%) and Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (26%)
PrTCL operates ~458 circuit kilometres of transmission lines constituting inter-State transmission system for evacuation of power from the Parbati-II HEP implemented by NHPC Limited and Koldam HEP implemented by NTPC Limited. The Asset was fully commissioned in June 2015.

Elements in PrKTCL

Description Circuit (Kms.) States Covered Double Ckt./ Single Ckt. Transmission Capacity COD
Parbati II (HEP) to Banala Pooling Station- Ckt. I & Parbati II (HEP) to Parbati III (HEP)- Ckt. II 21Himachal PradeshS/C400 kV'Nov 2015
3Himachal PradeshD/C400 kV'Nov 2015
LILO from P-III (HEP) to Banala Pooling Station (Ckt.- II)3Himachal PradeshS/C400 kV'Aug 2013
Banala to Nalagarh (Ckt.- I) 40Himachal PradeshS/C400 kV'Oct 2014
27Himachal PradeshD/C400 kV'Oct 2014
Banala to Koldam (Ckt.- II) 36Himachal PradeshS/C400 kV'Oct 2014
24Himachal PradeshD/C400 kV'Oct 2014
Koldam- Ludhiana T/L (Ckt.- I, II)301PunjabD/C400 kV'Aug 2014